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Meet our Volunteers!

     We have eight new members of Cap Corps who started their year of service in August. The involvement and support of the Capuchin Friars is what makes Cap Corps so special.

 Click on the photo below to see
who's a part of our 2017-2018 Cap Corps year,
where they're from and the places
that are are benefitting from their year in service.


A Time to Dance

DanMcCarthy       Dan McCarthy is a graduate of Cleveland State University and worked as the Health Care Navigator at Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services. He has returned to Cleveland State to start law school after his Volunteer year, but his Cap Corps Volunteers work was a full time commitment in education, healthcare and social service placements while living simply in community with other volunteers. The position at Migration and Refugee Services was a reationship based on journeying closely with clients in the resettlement process.

       Alivera, a refugee from Rwanda, could hear for the first time in her right ear in twenty odd years after a surgeon at MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland removed the scar tissue that was blocking her ear canal. Twenty years earlier, a machete swung in Rwanda cut her up the side of her head. In Cleveland, that wound was set straight. She could hear! She thanked the medical students and the surgeon. She cried and hugged and kissed the doctor. “I love you,” she said through the Kirnawanda interpreter on the telephone. “God bless you all. 

       My job was to drive Alivera home which was on the other side of the city . . .

       See his blog entry here.

A Day in the Life of a Cap Corps Volunteer


     Shenelle Sanoir graduated from Marymount University and worked at Sacred Heart School in Washington, DC, as a Cap Corps Volunteer for the 2015-2016 Volunteer Year. She now continues to work at the school as a teacher and project manager.

     In an entry on our blog page, CAPTURE, Shenelle reflects on her "Day in the life" and writes:

     Cap Corps isn’t just a year of service. It is a program that is filled with limitless possibilities, concrete friendships and community, and meaningful challenges that help you grow into a self aware and faithfully sustaining individual.

     See her blog entry here.

Franciscan Values Continue to Inspire

SFIS    Cap Corps Volunteer Christiana Gellert works at St. Francis International School (SFIS). The following article, written by Tobias Harkleroad of SFIS, shares his gratitude for the Franciscan values which inspire his work and serve as the inspiration for the work of SFIS -- inherited from his time, 25 years ago, at the Capuchin St. Lawrence Seminary in Mt. Calvary, WI.

    I write today, as I have done before, to express how grateful I am to the Capuchins for the way that my life has been changed because of your dedication to formation and education . . . [H]undreds of families in the nation's capitol are touched every day by the ministry of Saint Francis International School. I continue my own Franciscan journey started 25 years ago at Calvary: just this month I began formation as a Secular Franciscan in St. Conrad of Parzham Fraternity . . .


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